• Minecraft© Mod


    Using the PC version of Minecraft, kids get to learn how to code by changing or adding game features.

  • App Design

    Create an iOS App

    Start from scratch and create your own iPhone, iPad, or iPod (touch) app and share with others

  • 3D Game Design

    Create your own game

    Learn the fundamentals of game design in a 3D environment and create your own game

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Tech Summer Camps New, fun, and creative summer camps


Have you ever wondered what your child can do if they had the resources to allow them to create technology rather than just use technology? At CreaTECH Code we offer a unique and incredible opportunity to do just that. Our summer camps offer a different experience unlike other summer camps. Our campers will learn fundamentals of computer programming and apply those skills to let their imagination run wild and create their own project that they can share with family and friends.

Our camps dig into a new world beyond just playing games or using apps on smart devices. We teach them to create their own game apps, 3D games, or modify Minecraft ©, which they probably already spend lots of time playing anyway. Our camps will teach fundamentals of programming to allow the students to create through logical and structured methods. These skills have also been known to help students in their normal school work like math and science.

Our camps feature a fun learning environment where each child has their own computer and can learn based on their age and skills. Campers do not need to know how to program a computer when they start, but by the time the session is over, they will have a good understanding on how to write code or program using object oriented programming interfaces and how to use tools similar to, or the same, as those used in the real world to create apps, games, and software. We use current popular games or interests to keep the camper engaged and not allow them to lose interest.

When the summer camp session is complete, each student will be able to take home with them their own game app, game, or mod that they created during camp. This will allow them to continue to use their projects at home and share with others. The Minecraft© mods will work on the Windows or Mac version. The game apps created will work on Apple devices like iPhone (iOS 6.0 or newer), iPad, or iPod touch. All 3D games created will work on Windows based computers. If your child is interested in continuing their learning, we can help by providing the tools or further learning opportunities.

Do not miss out on these exciting and unique summer camps for your children. All our sessions are a week long and run for 4 hours each day either in the morning or in the afternoon. Camps are open to children ages 8 to 18 and we highly encourage girls to attend. Click on the links at the top of the page for more information and sessions begin offered. Normally the cost of these camps can run well over the cost we are offering for this summer only. We have very limited seating for each session, so don’t hesitate to sign up or save your spot now. All classes are held at the CreaTECH Code location on 550 S. Mesa Hills Suite E4 in the westside of town.


Learn To Code

A bit of motivation...must see video from Code.org